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Meanwhile, access this url via a desktop browser or check out our website at www.typedev.co.za.

{t} start

{t} who

We are {type}DEV, a highly skilled and tightly knit team of software engineers.

Our mission is:

to make complex things simpler

We want to solve your business problems and give you a software product to be proud of by applying our unique blend of technical, analytical and creativity skills.

We excel at providing niche markets with bespoke solutions and believe quality trumps quantity.

{t} what

Our skills stretch across multiple disciplines, but we specialise in:

  1. Translating complex business processes into simple applications.
  2. Integrating disparate systems into collaborative environments.
  3. Visualising complex data into easily understandable dashboards.
  4. Refreshing applications and brands to appease younger, more modern tastes.
  5. Building frameworks to fast-track development of SOA applications.
We're web application developers at heart, but we're comfortable developing for any platform.

{t} how

Every job demands a specific tool. Luckily we have a whole toolbox at hand. We specialise in the Microsoft stack of technologies and are highly proficient in the following:

  1. ASP.NET - Web Forms, MVC and our proprietary framework, Handlr
  2. C# and VB.NET (up to .NET 4.5)
  3. HTML, including HTML5
  4. CSS, including CSS3
  5. JavaScript, including jQuery and proprietary frameworks
  6. T-SQL, including advanced XQuery and CLR implementations
Our experience in RIAs implemented through JavaScript ensure we deliver hybrid mobile applications indistinguishable from native apps.

{t} why

Your requirements are unique and demand the attention from a team who understand how to translate them into beautifully simple applications.

There is no substitute for high quality work.
  1. We have more than 10 years experience in developing enterprise web applications.
  2. Our experience spans multiple industries, including business automation, wildlife management, event portals and medico-legal processes administration.
  3. Each application we build is structured according to best-practice patterns and methodologies to ensure ease of maintenance and integration.
  4. Users are our priority, that's why we design everything with a pleasant and productive UX in mind.

{t} work

Some of the work we've done recently:

Branding, Application & Website

Branding, Application & Website

Branding, Application & Website

Branding & Application (In Development)

Club Sign-up & Website

Branding & Application (In Development)

{t} contact

Feel free to get in contact with us. We love hosting visitors.